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  News: The Hockey News - Aug 2012 Advertisement
Posted by: Admin on Friday, October 12, 2012 - 09:33 PM
14556 Reads

August 2012 Issue Number 363

THN #363

First international advertisememt for the RoboRef Face-off as appeared in the August 2012 Issue #363 of The Hockey News.

THN #363

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  News: RoboRef - The Boni Face-off Trainer
Posted by: Admin on Friday, September 28, 2012 - 07:02 PM
19594 Reads

Boni RoboRef - Face-off Machine.

Announcing, the Boni RoboRef - Face-off Trainer

How important is it to win a face-off? Every coach will tell you that to control the action you need to win the faceoff, then why don't we spend more time training for this key part of the game? What is needed is a way to improve a player's face-off skills.

How do we do this? Well the goalie has a puck shooting machine, the skater has a treadmill, and now your center has a faceoff trainer! The RoboRef "Face-off Trainer" provides consistent face-offs continously to allow your center to train until perfection.

After twenty five years of research and development (including patents filed and granted) we feel the time is right to release the "RoboRef - Face-off Trainer" to the hockey training public.

Robustly built and simple to operate, The RoboRef will drop a puck every few seconds directly in the centre of the face-off circle for a single player, two players or a whole team to work out. The unit mounts easliy to your arena boards and can be detached in seconds. The puck tube holds 24 pucks at a time and can be refilled quickly for almost continous operation. The faceoff motion has been specially designed to simulate the action of the referees arm to produce realistic game starting faceoffs.

Call (905) 876-0029 now or email to order your new Boni RoboRef - Face-off Machine.

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  News: New Battery Models and Upgrades
Posted by: Admin on Wednesday, January 28, 2009 - 10:40 AM
20491 Reads

Boni Battery Power.

"Simply Cordless"

First introduced in the mid 1970's and now updated with computerized speed control and computerized charging circuits as well as the finest in industrial batteries.

Call now or email to order your new battery machine or to arrange installation in your current Boni puck shooting machine.

(The above image is from our current series of ads in "The Hockey News" Jan. - Feb. 2009)

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Posted by: Admin on Friday, September 26, 2008 - 01:38 PM
25090 Reads

Boni Jr.
Boni Jr.

"Smaller, Lighter, Faster."

We started with the Petti-Puck shooting machine that was first introduced in the late 1970's and made all the changes that you were asking for in our smallest puck shooitng machine. When we were finished we had a totally different machine and we felt it deserved a new name.

The Boni Jr. is chocked full of innovations and among other advances it has an all new shooting system with a handle that folds away allowing the machine to better fit into autos.

"Push the button, change the angle." We've added a new positive locking system that maintains the shooting angle when you want to repeat hit, like when breaking in a new glove or rehabiliation. Larger motors and a computerized speed control produce faster and more consistant shooting. We feel this is our best small machine and is beneficial to all off ice training programs. order now from our store.

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  News: New Skating Product
Posted by: Admin on Friday, February 15, 2008 - 09:39 AM
22276 Reads

Synthetic Ice

AccuLIGHT Challenge

"Easy to assemble and stays tight"

Thanks to the advances of CNC technology we are able to offer this new product at reasonable rates. We have taken our best 3/4" synthetic ice material and have applied our own self locking design to create this new product. Our synthetic ice is already known for it's low shaving properties now we are offering the "Puzzle-Lock Ice" cut for a great easy to assemble surface.

We are also able to custom cut to size on sheets up to four feet by eight feet although if you intend to move the sheets often we recommend the lighter four feet by four feet sheets. Due to the custom nature of this product please call us at (905) 876-0029 for quotes and more information.

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  News: NEW PRODUCT FOR 2008
Posted by: Admin on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 - 10:01 AM
34393 Reads

Introducing the "Passer XL"

Passer XL


The latest version of our passing machine. Redesigned for 2008 to be smaller, lighter and easier to move and transport while retaining the durability we are famous for. Larger motors for years of service. Easy to use, just plug in and shoot.

to order from our store or build your own quote now.

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  What, BGT on YouTube!
Posted by: Admin on Friday, May 11, 2007 - 01:01 PM
23240 Reads

"Showdown 1 on 1" demo video

OK, It took us a while but we've posted our first video on YouTube. We used to post a few videos years ago on our site but due to bandwidth costs and the strange places they kept popping up in we stopped (long story). We've started with our "Showdown 1 on 1" demo video. While the video is not DVD quality this does allow us to reach more customers (We'll still ship you a high quality version if you ask us nicely.)

Here's the description of the video. "High quality hockey shooting training system. Teaching accuracy in a realistic hockey environment. Notice how the shooter is wearing his full equipment including skates, this maintains the proper center of gravity or balance that standing to the floor does not provide. You play hockey on your skates and you should train on your skates. This is a quality Boni product made to the same standards that have made us world famous for over thirty five years."

If you have an YouTube account subscribe to us as we are planning to post more and to dig in our video vault for the classics of the past. Anyone know how to transfer from Sony 3/4" tape?

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  News: The 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs Tribute Print
Posted by: Admin on Monday, February 19, 2007 - 08:01 AM
27941 Reads

"Tribute - Relive the Glory", is a beautiful limited edition reproduction by artist Brad J. Haley. This hard to get print is available from Boni Goalie Trainers at:

775 Steeles Ave., Milton, Ontario, Ontario L9T 5H3 CANADA

Telephone (905) 876-0029

All logos appearing on this WWW page are the property of their respective owners. All Team names are also the property of their respective owners.

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  News: "The Hockey News" Holiday Gift Guide 2006
Posted by: Admin on Thursday, November 23, 2006 - 10:35 AM
12198 Reads

Happy Holidays 2006

Holiday Gift Guide 2006

"Featured in "The Hockey News"

We would like to thank "The Hockey News" for featuring us in the 2006 Holiday Gift Guide from the November 21, 2006 issue. "Don't forget gifts for your parents and hockey coach - TRAINING AIDS - Coaches working with goalies will be happy to know that after 35 years, Boni Goalie Trainers is still making its famous puck shooting machines. The machines hold up to 40 pucks and can fire them fast, slow, high and low in the direction of three different goalies during drills. Every goalie participating in a shooting drill must stay sharp because the machine can be set to switch up its shooting patterns."

The photo features our most famous model the Porta-Puck (in red and royal stripes), The Showdown 1 on 1 model includes both the upgraded Puck-Passer (in blue stripes) and the Challenge net with target light system, Boni Non-Marking Arena Pucks, Sports Radar, Interlock Ice our premier synthetic skating surface, and the photo was taken in one of our Rapid-Range shooting range systems.

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  News: BGT celebrates 10th. anniversary on internet
Posted by: Admin on Monday, January 30, 2006 - 10:34 AM
31939 Reads

We would like to take a moment to thank all our customers and friends both old and new here in cyberspace.

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