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Posted by: Admin on Monday, July 25, 2005 - 08:30 PM

For Schools and Coaches

AccuLIGHT Challenge

"Measure Progress and Improve Accuracy"

Based on the target system developed for the "Showdown 1 on 1" Designed to be used to measure improvement by hockey schools and competitive exercises or as a game. The Challenge starts when the four targets are illuminated and ends after each target gets hits once. Coaches can measure the amount of time used to hit the four targets or the number of pucks needed to hit the four targets or both! Testing during a hockey program or camp will show improvement. order from our store.

Target Light

"Solid Construction"

The AccuLIGHT Challenge includes our sturdy folding net with the targets mounted and wired for imediate use. Built to take the hardest shots and using the highest quality parts. The control box houses the extra large "Start" button which is easy to use even with hockey gloves on. Includes our smart charger for no wires on the ice operation.

Control Box

"Easy to Use"

Turn On and press the Start button. This is a serious training product built on our folding steel net ready for use in seconds. Use on ice or off. Net weight is 75 lbs.
Order now from our store.

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