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Posted by: Admin on Friday, September 26, 2008 - 01:38 PM
NEWS Boni Jr.
Boni Jr.

"Smaller, Lighter, Faster."

We started with the Petti-Puck shooting machine that was first introduced in the late 1970's and made all the changes that you were asking for in our smallest puck shooitng machine. When we were finished we had a totally different machine and we felt it deserved a new name.

The Boni Jr. is chocked full of innovations and among other advances it has an all new shooting system with a handle that folds away allowing the machine to better fit into autos.

"Push the button, change the angle." We've added a new positive locking system that maintains the shooting angle when you want to repeat hit, like when breaking in a new glove or rehabiliation. Larger motors and a computerized speed control produce faster and more consistant shooting. We feel this is our best small machine and is beneficial to all off ice training programs. order now from our store.

Target Light

"Solid Construction"

The Boni Jr. is built to the same high quality standards as before but with fewer parts for less weight. Agile and fast, the Boni Jr. will compliment any off ice training program from home practice to advanced commercial facility.

Top View

"Easy to Use"

Turn on, set the speed and pull the handle to fire pucks, it's that easy. But don't forget that this is a serious training product built on our decades of experience building puck shooting machines. Tune your skills, test your reflexes, work on weaknesses, safely recover from injury, break in new equipment, invent your own exercises. There are a thousand uses for a Boni Jr. that will turn you into a better goaltender. Order now from our store.

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