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  News: "The Hockey News" Holiday Gift Guide 2006
Posted by: Admin on Thursday, November 23, 2006 - 10:35 AM

Happy Holidays 2006

Holiday Gift Guide 2006

"Featured in "The Hockey News"

We would like to thank "The Hockey News" for featuring us in the 2006 Holiday Gift Guide from the November 21, 2006 issue. "Don't forget gifts for your parents and hockey coach - TRAINING AIDS - Coaches working with goalies will be happy to know that after 35 years, Boni Goalie Trainers is still making its famous puck shooting machines. The machines hold up to 40 pucks and can fire them fast, slow, high and low in the direction of three different goalies during drills. Every goalie participating in a shooting drill must stay sharp because the machine can be set to switch up its shooting patterns."

The photo features our most famous model the Porta-Puck (in red and royal stripes), The Showdown 1 on 1 model includes both the upgraded Puck-Passer (in blue stripes) and the Challenge net with target light system, Boni Non-Marking Arena Pucks, Sports Radar, Interlock Ice our premier synthetic skating surface, and the photo was taken in one of our Rapid-Range shooting range systems.

Our relationship with this magazine goes back to the early '70s when Mr. Boni would sit with "The Hockey News" founder Ken McKenzie in the old converted town house office in the publishing district of downtown Toronto and create our early ads. "The Hockey News" is hockey's longest running news magazine, founded in 1947.

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