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Rapid-Range™ in Action

Presenting the

Rapid-Range™ Concept

Modular Dasher Board System
Our intention with the "Rapid-Range™" is to provide a dasher board system designed for goalie training and shooting ranges that is durable, light weight, assembles quickly and is cost effective for professionals as well as advanced home trainers.

The components of Rapid-Range™

  • 2' Panel
  • 4' Panel
  • 6' Panel
  • 36" Radius Corner Panel
  • Floor Mounting Kit (Permanent) For the cleanest appearance. Must be able to drill into floor/surface.
  • Surface Mounting Kit (Temporary) Seasonal or mobile use, eg. Tennis court, Shopping mall. External braces and sandbags.
  • Netting Kit Prevents flying pucks exiting playing area.
  • Wire Fence Kit More expensive but durable enough for exterior use.
  • Plastic Ice choose from three types of synthetic ice, 1/4" and 1/2" 4'x 8' sheets or our newest 3/4" interlocking 4'x 4' sheets

flat panel

Standard 4' Panel Section and Standard 36" Corner Section

Compliment your training center or shooting practice area with these authentic looking professional style dasher boards

  • Designed for shooting ranges, made from rink board plastic and wood construction, available in treated lumber for outdoor use
  • Available in kit form or as completed sections for quick assembly
  • Standard dasher board sections measure 4' wide x 4' high and corner sections are 36" x 36" by 4' high (outside measurements)
  • Custom sizes available to fit any area


    Download Rapid-Range and Showdown 1 on 1 Catalog

    PDF 282k

We are "The Shooting Range Specialist"

To finish off your Rapid-Range we recommend the items listed below

All our products are built to the exacting standards insisted on by training centers and professional athletes. The equipment and supplies featured here are for anyone from the serious home trainer to the most advanced facilities. Boni puck shooting machines and supplies have been sold around the world for over thirty years and our dry land training packages have been in use since 1979.

Be sure to check out our new catalog of shooting range supplies:

"The Puck Passer" Our automated portable shooter. Can be easily moved to accommodate numerous exercises. Remote controlled and programmable allows single shot or timed operation to produce rapid-fire exercises. Full line of "Boni Puck Shooting Machines".


"Shooting Accuracy Lights"
Attached to the corners of a net these remote controlled targets can be used for training shooters with or without a goalie.

"The Shooter Tutor" This sturdy vinyl training aid blocks most of the net leaving only the corners and center open.

"Training Surfaces" Our synthetic ice comes in three sizes. This durable product lasts years and provides an ice like surface you can train on with skates. When only the real thing will do we are able to provide complete custom refrigeration systems in sizes for personal training, shooting ranges and demonstration rinks. Please inquire about your application.

"Non Marking Pucks" This may not be important for everyone but "Regulation" pucks leave marks and after repeated training sessions ordinary pucks can turn your gleaming training center into a black scuffed mess. Specially made for us in Canada.

"Hockey Net" Regulation size net folds flat for storage. Made of welded steel tubing and strong netting, this net is no lightweight.

"Sports Radar" Large LED numbers allow the speed of your shots to be read from distance. Keep track of your progress in MPH or km/H.

"Puck Rake" Improve the effiency and safety of your sessions. The Puck Rake collects pucks as its 55" wide opening is pushed along the ice. Intelligent design separates pucks from ice and other small debris to ensure trouble free machine operation. Retracts easily for carrying and storage. Light weight aluminum construction.

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