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  • Back Facing Net goalie exercise.
    • By reversing the net to face the back boards, a goalie can receive shots from the Puck Shooting Machine which is shooting at the boards to deflect the puck to the goalie. He can be instructed to watch the puck coming from the machine with his head turned and hugging the post, at this point, the goalie has to make the save at any part of the net. And also to only watch the puck from the time it hits the boards which requires a much more needed reflex.
  • Skater receiving forward pass
    • Puck Shooting Machine is placed to give a forward pass to a skater, skating toward net. Skaters can consistently break away from boards, skating ahead then looking back to receive the pass. Any number of skaters can do this continuously. A mark on the ice can be placed to show skater where pass will be received, or machine operator can follow player and pass at desired time.
    • Two skaters position themselves at each side of the goalie, the Puck Shooting Machine shooting alternately at each skater (crisp, clear on ice passes) Each skater receiving a pass, trying to deflect the puck into the net. While alternately shooting at the skaters the machine operator can also shoot at the goalie directly, thus making the goalie be more alert because not only does he have to contend with the deflecting skaters but also to face the machine directly. This can continue with the skaters changing off with replacements, also the goalies changing off.
    • The cost of ice time is expensive and quite prohibitive for the sole purpose of training goaltenders in specific exercises. We have to consider training goaltenders off-ice. We at Boni Goalie Trainers have been doing this for about twenty two years and have found it to be beneficial to the goaltenders.
    • To have a very effective system, you first must have an area to work in. It can be as short as 25 feet and as narrow as 10 feet. The surfaces you use should be flat so that you can put a sheet of plastic in the crease area. This plastic being 8 ft. x 4 ft. This allows the goaltender to work out with his skates on. Naturally he should be in full equipment also. We do not recommend that a goalie ever work out in these exercises without his skates, and goaltender skates at that. He should be practicing with the same form as in on-ice training.
    • You can start off by giving him low ice level shots to the stick, both right & left side. Making him move to the posts, and work at this until he is looking good and he feels he is improving. You can shoot higher to the leg pad area and work on this the same way. Then, shooting higher again to the blocker, working at this with the blocker getting many shots in different blocker side locations. High near the cross bar, low blocker saves, in close to the body and near the post. Do not shoot at the body while moving over to the catcher glove side. With many shots also to different catcher locations, high, low etc., until the goalie is confident of covering the open side. We have worked out with a great deal of goalies (including N.H.L. goalies) in one hour sessions. They get at least 700 pucks in the hour working on any weaknesses that they have. You can tell after only a few pucks where a goalie needs the work most. Then you can concentrate on this area mostly in your exercises.
    • If you try this out yourself you will see how beneficial it is and you will be doing it all the time. We have a great many off-ice training centers and goalie schools that are doing this now. Besides, all the goalies that purchase machines from us for themselves are working in one manner or another off-ice.
    • Pass from behind the net to skaters breaking out.
    • Passing to skaters in the slot to practice one time shots on goalie.
    • Shooting from slot area to skaters breaking along the boards.
    • Practice pass receiving.
    • Practice screen shots on goalie.
    • Practice deflections and tip-ins.
    • Try putting passes on players sticks continuously in your exercises and you know how tired you get, and how ineffective the passes are after a time. The Boni Puck Shooting Machine will give you passes for as long as you want to carry on the exercises and as accurate as you need.
    • The puck shooting machine can be used for passing off the boards, from behind the net or shooting to players positioned at the point.
    • It can be placed by the boards at the blue line and put shots on players sticks skating down the ice, or any other exercises common to working out teams.

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