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Model "Porta-Puck"

The Porta-Puck model is the Premier Boni Puck Shooting Machine. In continous production for over twenty years, this model has been in use around the world by the famous and infamous. Used by pro and amatuer alike, Olympic and professional teams have used the "Porta-Puck".
  • Speed of pucks easly controlled
  • Highly accurate and repeatable
  • 40 Puck storing capacity, continously refillable
  • Panel mounted industrial quality controls
  • Specially made electrical components
  • Electrically controlled, push button raising and lowering of the shooting angle
  • Operates on 110 Volt AC, optional 220 Volt
  • Rubber tire mounted
  • Weight of machine approx. 225 pounds.
  • This is a quality Boni Goalie Trainer product.

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